What’s It Like Being a Northpoint Student?

A blend of tech-based learning and in-person instruction provides flexibility and structure.

Your alarm sounds, awakening you to a Monday morning. You rub the sleep from your eyes and boot up your computer while you brush your teeth. Outside, a school bus rumbles past, but you don’t have to run out to catch it. You don’t even technically have to get out of your pajamas, but you do anyway because when else are you going to wear your new favorite T-shirt?

Over the pandemic, everybody got a taste of tech-based at-home learning. Some of your friends hated it and couldn’t wait to get back to regular school. Some of them swore off ever stepping inside a classroom again. You fall somewhere in the middle.

You love being able to learn from home. But you also love having a teacher you can talk to in person, and doing hands-on learning projects, and getting a chance to talk and collaborate with your classmates—on your own terms.

That’s why you enrolled at Northpoint Charter School this year.

At-Home Tech-Based Learning

Back at your computer, you get logged into the Edgenuity learning portal. While eating a piece of toast, you quickly check your grades for the semester. They’re available in real-time, so you always know how you’re doing and can show your parents whenever they ask how your classes are going.

Your grades look good, so you go ahead and choose a subject to work on today. That’s one thing you really like about Northpoint—you can decide what your schedule should look like each day.

Sometimes you like to start out with your best subject. That way, you can blaze through a week’s worth of material in a few hours, ace all of your quizzes, and get ahead before Monday’s even finished. Sometimes you start with your least-favorite subject. It’s nice to get it out of the way early. Once you finish the assignment, the rest of your day goes by way faster.

Today you choose to start with history. The lesson starts with a warm-up and review. Then you start watching the video lecture. You pause and rewind a couple of times to catch the specific dates and names. The video caption shows you how to spell “Mussolini” so you don’t have to remember (two s’s, one n). You take notes as you go in the digital notebook, which you can reference during the quiz.

You pass the quiz and move on to your next assignment for the day. It’s going so well, you’ll be done early today. You’ve got time to relax before basketball practice this afternoon.

In-Person Instruction

Tuesday is one of your in-class days, so you pack a lunch and get a ride to school. Later this afternoon you’ve got a project in the STEAM Smart Lab, and you’re looking forward to picking a lab partner for that. But first, you’ve got some lessons to work on in the Main Lab.

Lessons are tech-based here, too, like when you work from home. The difference is that now you’ve got teachers available to answer questions. You decide you’re going to work on math today, while you have the extra help. The way your sponsor teacher explains the equation gets you unstuck, and you ace the quiz on your second try.

It feels good not having to figure everything out on your own.

Choose Your Own Path to Success

Some students are happy to take a passive approach to school, but you’re different. You know better than anyone that your education is your future. You’ve got a career in mind. You’ve got college plans. You want your high school to support you, not get in your way. You want to learn on your own time, at a pace that makes sense, in a way that fits your life.

We want exactly the same thing for you.

If all this sounds like what you’ve been looking for in a school, talk to your parents about Northpoint. As an Albuquerque public charter school, it’s free to attend, and our dual-enrollment options allow you to accumulate college credits toward your future degree. Check out our new student application for more information, or request a tour by calling (505) 296-7677.