Learning designed for the world ahead.

Northpoint Charter School has one purpose: to graduate future-ready young adults. By designing a system of learning for the student rather than the other way around, we teach kids in grades 9-12 how to solve the challenges of tomorrow.


A charter school with a
different mission.

Northpoint Charter School is a tuition-free, independent high school that empowers young adults to take charge of their own education. Using a hybrid-model schedule and a combination of tech-based learning platforms and STEM-focused curriculum, Northpoint graduates are prepared for any path they embark upon.


Tech-Based Learning

Self-guided, online lessons let
you learn at your own pace.


Hybrid Model

Learn anywhere with in-person
and at-home flexibility.


Every Voyager needs a
steady compass.

At Northpoint, students are in charge of their own education. But they’re never alone on their journey. Every child is assigned their own sponsor teacher who will advocate for and guide the student until graduation.

Prepared over programmed.


Dual Enrollment


Personalized Education


Student Life at Northpoint

We’re a small school, but we offer plenty of opportunities for fun. From sports to clubs to extracurricular activities, there’s a place here to showcase every student’s talents and passions.