Graduation Requirements

Northpoint Charter School provides a self-guided educational environment where kids can pursue their passions and learn on their own terms. Flexible scheduling, online classes, dual enrollment opportunities, and exploration-based STEAM learning combine to make Northpoint an ideal environment for self-motivated students.

Below are our graduation requirements and recommendations so that you can get a clear picture of what academic life at Northpoint will look like for your child.

New Mexico High School Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate and receive a high school diploma, students need to complete at least twenty-four and one-half (24.5) units of coursework. Each unit is comprised of two semesters. Most classes are year-long, but half-credit classes can be completed in a semester.

To graduate, a high school student must complete:

  • Four units in English, with emphasis on grammar, nonfiction writing, and literature
  • Four units in mathematics, including Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry, and a fourth math of the student’s choosing, such as pre-calculus or financial literacy
  • Three units in science, any mixture of earth science, environmental science, physical science, physics, chemistry, and biology
  • Four and one-half units in social science, including at least one-half unit government, one-half unit economics, and one-half unit New Mexico history
  • One unit in physical education or its equivalent in sports, marching band, or JROTC
  • One unit in a career cluster course, workplace readiness, or a foreign language
  • One-half unit of health education
  • Six and one-half units in electives of the student’s choosing

Most classes at Northpoint are offered through the Edgenuity online platform. At the start of each school year, students meet with their sponsor teacher to plan out their schedule and choose classes from the course catalog that will put them on track to graduate.

Elective Credits

Smart Lab, an interactive in-person STEAM learning environment, is a requirement for all freshmen and sophomores and fulfills an elective credit. Additional electives are available through Edgenuity. Students may choose from a variety of practical electives that focus on career readiness and job skills or explore topics that interest them.

Dual Enrollment

Northpoint also offers dual enrollment opportunities to students in the 10th grade and above, allowing them to receive both core and elective credits for college classes taken through CNM or UNM. Students who wish to take advantage of our dual enrollment program are able to accrue college credits toward a degree at the same time as they satisfy their high school graduation requirements.

Learning That Works For You

At Northpoint Charter School, we understand that the traditional classroom isn’t the right path for every student. If you’re looking for a school that puts you in the driver’s seat of your learning, our self-guided environment might be just what you need. Complete our New Student Application to get started.