It’s your education. Shouldn’t you have a say in it?

You love to learn, and you can picture the future you want. But perhaps you haven’t discovered the way you’re designed to learn yet. Maybe you’d thrive doing schoolwork at your own pace, or attending classes on a more flexible schedule. Maybe you’re ready to jump feet-first into college classes already. Or maybe you just haven’t discovered that subject you’re truly passionate about.

At Northpoint, learning is designed around you—your needs, your schedule, and your dreams. Because school shouldn’t get in the way of your best education.

Personalized Education

At Northpoint, students take charge of their own learning on their own schedule. Our hybrid learning model gives you the flexibility you need, while our diverse curriculum provides continual opportunities to pursue your goals and passions.


“Went above and beyond to provide the best virtual learning and support possible. Thank you to all of the staff for your hard work and time!  We appreciate you all!”

Kaylee H.

“Best teachers and wonderful programs. Love the customized schedule and the support.”

Sasha K.

“The school is what your student makes it. The teachers care and if your student tries and asks for help if they are not doing well the staff will help them.”

Eliza C.

“The Smart Lab is great and gives us many opportunities to do things we would've never been able to do (would recommend picking the laser engraver or 3-D printer projects, they're fun). The supervisors there are also very nice to us and always help us when we need it.”

Zefer I.

“We are extremely happy with our child’s interactions with the teachers and staff at Northpoint. Our child is thriving so far.”

A. Johnson

“I felt ready to face the real world when I left here, it was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my school and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. Thank you Northpoint for changing my life and seeing the potential in me when I couldn’t see it in myself.”

Haley L.

“My daughter attended for 3.5 years and absolutely loved the freedom, she excelled in all her classes and obtained dual-credit through CNM. The computer lab at this school is top notch, they really focus on the children their own strengths and weaknesses.”

Tina L.


Student Life

We’re a small school with a lot to offer. Our campus offers more than unique academics. You can participate in competitive sports, extracurricular clubs, and even enroll in classes at CNM and UNM, all while being part of a close-knit community.

There’s plenty to do at Northpoint.

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