Tech-Based Learning

Northpoint Charter School prepares students for their future, whether they’re getting ready for college or the workforce. Our combination of tech-based learning platforms and STEAM-focused curriculum gives kids the skills they need to thrive in our increasingly tech-centered world. Computer-based lessons coupled with hands-on learning put students in the driver’s seat of their own education, letting them pursue their passions and academic interests in a flexible environment.

Virtual Lessons at Home or in the Classroom

Our blended education model provides students with in-person instruction alongside tech-based, self-guided learning. Online learning can take place at home or in the Main Lab, where subject experts and sponsor teachers are available to help kids stay on-pace to meet their goals. Students can use the flexible learning environment to get ahead on work or change up their day-to-day routines in whatever way keeps them most engaged.

Students at Northpoint Receive:

  • Common Core-aligned lessons in math, science, English, and history
  • Access to more than 30 electives with career readiness and life skills at the forefront
  • Smart Lab for hands-on learning in STEM + Art skills (STEAM)
  • Intensive in-person supplementary lessons in math and English
  • 24/7 access to the curriculum so students can study anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible class schedules personalized to the needs of busy students and their families
  • Real-time progress monitoring and clear communication between students, teachers, and parents

Education that Works for You

Every student entering Northpoint is paired with a sponsor teacher throughout their educational career. These sponsor teachers do more than answer questions and help with homework. They are advocates and partners in a child’s education, working with students to establish goals and turn ambitions into reality. Whether that means gaining practical tech skills, applying for colleges, or earning degree credits through dual enrollment, Northpoint gives learners more opportunities to thrive.

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