STEM Learning

In our increasingly tech-based world, most careers will soon expect at least some practical understanding of STEM skills. Northpoint Charter School offers high school students an opportunity to explore career skills and technical education in a fun, hands-on learning environment we call our Smart Lab.

Integrated Lessons in Art, Technology,
and Critical Thinking

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Our Smart Lab adds Art to the mix to create a more rounded, fully integrated STEAM education. By combining STEM principles with art projects, students gain a better understanding of theoretical concepts as well as their practical applications.

Projects draw from eight essential technology skills and systems:

  • Mechanics and Structures
  • Computer Graphics
  • Science and Data Acquisition
  • 3D Printing and Computer Programming
  • Robotics and Control Technology
  • Circuitry
  • Computer Simulation
  • Publishing and Multimedia
  • Students working in the Smart Lab

Students work in small groups to complete projects, practicing effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. There are over 175 projects to choose from, all designed by our experienced teachers. Each year, new projects are added and older ones are removed to keep the material fresh and engaging.







Where Kids Can Pursue Their Passions

Our Smart Lab encourages kids to try the projects that interest them, whether those projects tie into a career interest or just sound fun to work on. Taking chances, making mistakes, and learning from failed attempts are all part of the learning process.

Some students will build upon what they learn in Smart Lab by pursuing career-oriented degree programs through dual enrollment. Others will use Smart Lab as a chance to try something outside their comfort zone and explore an interest they may otherwise not have considered. All approaches are welcome.

A strong academic foundation for hands-on learning helps students succeed both in and outside of the classroom. If you’re ready to join a school that takes a unique approach to STEAM learning, apply today.

Northpoint Smart Lab

  • 175+ project options

  • Mistakes are encouraged

  • Curiosity driven

  • New projects added every year