We don’t believe in uniform.

In an ever-changing world, the future is a place of exciting possibilities and limitless potential. Northpoint exists to prepare students for whatever their future may hold.

We believe students are best equipped to succeed when they’re encouraged to take an active role in their education. We also know that engaged parents are vital to their kids’ success. Northpoint aims to bring parents, teachers, and students together as partners in learning. Together, this bond creates a more personalized approach for each student, clearing a better path to the future.


Our Mission

The mission of Northpoint Charter School is to empower all students to perform at their optimal level in a blended learning environment that is individualized, self-directed, and flexible to produce future-ready graduates.


What are public charter schools?

Charter schools are publicly funded but independently governed. This allows us to provide tuition-free education without being subject to the regulations and limitations of traditional public schools. Instead, each charter school follows the terms of a contract (or “charter”) that details its vision, mission, finances, academics, and other important features of how the school is run.

For transparency and accountability, Northpoint Charter School’s Governance Council meets publicly each month, and parents and members of the public are welcome to join. Board agendas and meeting minutes are also posted on our website so you always know what’s happening with your child’s school.

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