Personalized Education at Northpoint

A collective focus on the individual.

Every student has different learning styles, different goals, and different lives. At Northpoint, school is designed around the student, not the other way around.


Flexible Scheduling

Students spend part of their school week on campus, receiving support from teachers and participating in our hands-on Smart lab. When they’re not in the classroom, they’re completing lessons online on their own time through our Edgenuity platform, wherever and whenever works best for them.

At the beginning of each school year, the student and their sponsor teacher determine the student’s scheduling needs, curriculum, and level of in-person guidance they’ll require. They then develop an individualized class schedule for the year.

Curiosity-Driven Learning

Our curriculum is designed to foster a lifelong love of learning as a means to pursuing a fulfilling future, while equipping students with the problem-solving tools they’ll need for success. Northpoint offers dozens of different electives, allowing students to explore new possibilities and stoke existing passions. In our Smart Lab, kids pick the STEM projects that interest them from more than 175 hands-on challenges that stimulate and engage them while learning real-world skills.