To whomever wrote the “rules” of education:
we have some notes.

Northpoint believes in empowering students to become partners in their own education, setting them up for success in whatever the future may hold. Tech-based learning, one-on-one teaching assistance, and flexible scheduling provide a personalized foundation for students to explore their interests and nurture their passions.


Tech-Based Learning

The cornerstone of our program is a tech-based and personalized approach to learning. Students complete self-paced coursework through the Edgenuity platform, which allows for students to access their classwork remotely and via our Main Lab, located on-campus. This style promotes flexibility in the way they interact with the material while providing a solid foundation in core subjects.

Students are matched with sponsor teachers who help them in the classroom and keep them on track on their personalized journey. Intensive in-person classes are also offered in English and Mathematics, providing an engaging classroom environment for kids to brush up on foundational skills and engage in group discussion.

STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are the foundation of the future in our tech-savvy world. We also believe that Art is just as vital. That’s why all students spend time in our Smart Lab, completing hands-on projects that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. Students choose projects that interest them and work together using tools and equipment like our 3D printer, laser engraving machine, T-shirt press and more, gaining technical skills that can translate to a career or foster passion in a new subject.


Dual Enrollment

Students enrolled at Northpoint can earn high school and college credit for attending classes at CNM or UNM. Classes are free and offered in the college environment, so students can get a taste of college academics and explore their interests while drawing on the support of their high school teachers and classmates.

Graduation Requirements

Like other Albuquerque schools, Northpoint requires students to complete at least 24.5 units of study across core subjects including English, mathematics, science, social science, physical education, and health education. We offer a variety of electives to appeal to a broad range of interests, from career readiness and job skills to social sciences and creative expression.

Students who wish can go above and beyond these requirements, selecting classes that interest them from a diverse curriculum of available options. Dual enrollment courses also count toward both core and elective credits, allowing for interested students to pursue a degree before graduating high school, if that’s their goal.


Your journey begins here.

Excited about the possibility of Northpoint, but want more info before you decide? We invite you to see for yourself. Call (505) 296-7677 with questions, or schedule a tour of our campus.