Staff Directory

To reach any member of our faculty or staff by email, click their name below. Or, you can call us at (505) 296-7677 with general questions.


Lisa Mora

Executive Director Email Me

Denise Dixson

Academic Dean Email Me


Denise Dixson

Smart Lab Email Me

JaLynn Knight

Social Studies Email Me

Stanley McKeever

Math/PE Email Me

Jillian O’Brien

Special Education Director Email Me

Amelia Riehl

Smart Lab/Senior Sponsor Email Me

Riley Robinson

English Language Arts Email Me

Mathias Sagartz

Science Email Me

Lori Tufaro

Special Education Email Me

Rebecca Weldon

Math Email Me

Office Staff

Alan Ray

Maintenance Supervisor Email Me

Tim Nguyen

K-12 Assistant Business Manager Email Me

Dana Smith

Registrar/Data Specialist Email Me

Support Staff

Ben Aragon

Educational Assistant Email Me

Barbara Krueger

Speech/Language Pathologist Email Me

Carla Perea

Transition Specialist Email Me

Judy Rose

Administrative Assistant Email Me

If you need academic assistance with our learning platform, such as retaking a test, submitting notes for grading, or setting a meeting with a teacher, you can reach out through the Edgenuity Helpline.