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3 Ways STEM High Schools will Benefit Students in the Future

With so many budget cuts and more options out there for educators to increase spending where it’s needed most these days, STEM is becoming common in most schools. If your child attends a STEM high school or program, you might be wondering what the future of STEM education holds for them. That’s why Northpoint Charter School has collected a few things you and your child can look forward to in the years ahead.

Students Will Become More Fluent In Coding

As more quality educators become available to teach STEM fields, don’t be surprised to see coding at the forefront. In fact, programming, literacy, and computer science may be emphasized much like reading and writing was in the mid 20th century. However, schools will need to commit resources and educate more teachers to add more emphasis on coding and computer science in their curriculum.

Education & Entertainment Will Converge

We live in a connected, digital world where students have become accustomed to most devices, like smartphones and tablets. The commonality of these devices could mean they are beginning to lose their appeal in the classroom for some kids. Because of this, innovative educators will need to keep STEM curriculum entertaining, exploring new and fun ways to utilize existing devices in a way that’s engaging and still educational. Again, training for STEM high school teacherson this aspect of the program will be a big component of its success.

A Move from STEM to STEAM

One thing that is critical to STEM students in the coming years will be adding an A to the acronym, which would include art alongside science, technology, engineering, and math. STEAM education will give students another outlet and more ways to think differently, so that they can apply these things to what they are learning elsewhere. Innovative lesson planning can help students engage with all the STEAM aspects simultaneously, creating a new and exciting learning experience for both teachers and students.

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