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What Are Charter Schools & Their Benefits?

If you’re looking at schooling options for your child, there are certainly a lot of options out there, from private to public schools, as well as charter schools. Often, there can be some misinformation out there about the latter, which is why Northpoint Charter School is here to tell you everything you need to know about charter school education.

Below you’ll find some of the key things that set charter schools apart from other alternatives.

What exactly are charter schools?

Many often think that charter schools are private schools, when actually, they are public schools that are funded by your local government just like any traditional public school. They were first introduced in the 70s, as some school districts around the country wanted to create more unique schools that provided more specialized options for parents and their children. This paved the way for official charter school legislation in the early 90s.

Charter Schools Are Distinct Legal Entities

The key difference between charter schools and public schools is that though both are financed by public funds, charter schools operate on their own unique charter that falls outside of traditional public school rules for operation. This works because, under the existing legislation for charter school approval, state legislatures can approve the establishment of a charter school. In many ways, they function quite similarly to traditional public schools and boast the same testing requirements, as well as tuition-free enrollment.

Charter Schools Each Have Their Own Unique Mission

Charter schools are created to fulfill a mission in the community, offering educational opportunities or a specialized curriculum for a segment of students that’s otherwise unavailable in their public school system. Some of the benefits of charter schools include smaller class sizes, increased parental involvement, innovative curriculums, as well as more choices and customization for parents, teachers, and students.

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