Student working on online coursework

What Makes Northpoint Unique?

Blended learning offers the best of two worlds.

Pop quiz: What is Northpoint Charter School?

Is it (A) an in-person high school, (B) a virtual high school, or (C) the best of both worlds

Answer: C

Northpoint is unique in a lot of ways. Here are some of the big ones.

You’re Not Stuck in a Classroom All the Time

Northpoint is a tuition-free Albuquerque charter school built on a combination of online learning and in-person instruction. Online classes are delivered through the Edgenuity learning portal. These can be completed on campus in a computer lab or worked on at home on your own time. Which means you don’t have to stick to a standard Monday-through-Friday, all-day-on-campus sort of schedule. You can work with your teacher to figure out a schedule that fits into your life, and take your schoolwork with you wherever you go.

In-Person Lessons Where They Make Sense…

Northpoint teachers offer in-person intensive and supplemental lessons in Math and English, and an integrated STEAM lab where Science and the Arts collide. So you’re getting a lot more than just lessons on a computer. You’re also getting face-to-face discussions of literature. Group projects. Hands-on activities. Math principles explained in multiple ways until your mind lights up with total understanding.

…And Online Classes Where They’re a Better Fit

There are hundreds of classes available online, and your teachers can help you choose the ones that are a perfect fit for your goals and interests. Normally a small school would be limited in what it could offer by what teachers were available. But at Northpoint, online learning allows you to get expert instruction in all kinds of electives, from financial literacy to forensics. There are classes that can give you a taste of a career field, classes that set you up for college, and classes that help you do better in your other subjects by boosting your computer literacy and test-taking abilities.

A Small School Means Every Voice Can Be Heard

At Northpoint, teachers are partners in your education. They want you to succeed, and they want to empower you to learn on your own, both while you’re enrolled and throughout the rest of your life.

Every teacher has a chance to really get to know every student. Not just your name, but what you want to do after you graduate, what sort of projects get you excited, what you struggle with. Teachers can help you with dual enrollment and choosing classes at CNM or UNM that fit your interests, too.

A School Where You Can Be Yourself

Because Northpoint is so small and non-traditional in its approach to learning, you’re empowered to take charge of your own academic future. You’re also empowered to express yourself. There’s no school uniform, no set schedule everyone must adhere to, no firm rules about what subject you have to study at what time of day.

Teachers are there to help you finish the material in time, but on any given day you can approach your lessons in a way that makes sense for you. That’s a freedom that people attending traditional schools don’t have, and something that makes online learning so powerful and flexible.

If your current school isn’t working for your education, it’s time to find a school that does. If the idea of self-guided lessons excites you, or you think you’d like to try a smaller classroom environment, Northpoint might be just what you’re looking for. Let your parents know what you’ve been thinking, and encourage them to learn more by calling (505) 296-7677 to set up a tour of the campus.