Students hugging, happy to see each other back on campus after a long summer

Getting Ready for Back-to-School

What you need to bring for your first day at Northpoint Charter School.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a transfer student, starting a new high school can feel pretty overwhelming. Where do you go? What do you need to bring? What will the first day be like? You’re eager to start the new year excited and confident, but you’ve still got some questions.


What school supplies do I need?

Unlike a lot of schools, back-to-school shopping for Northpoint is pretty simple. You’ll pay a registration fee online at the beginning of the year to enroll and receive a Northpoint shirt. Then at the start of the term you’ll be asked to bring $40, two boxes of tissue, and two packs of printer paper to share with the class. The money will go into a student activity fund to help cover clubs, dances, equipment, and other needs. You don’t have to shop for any specific classroom supplies.

Because most of your time will be spent in the Main Lab taking classes on a computer, there’s no need to haul a book bag from class to class or worry about losing your locker combination. You really just need a set of wired headphones, a notebook, and a favorite pencil for writing out math equations and diagrams. If you want to take your own paper notes or use a planner for time management and organization, you totally can. But it’s not required, so you’re free to use whatever works best for you.

What about technology?

Since Northpoint is a tech-based charter school, you might worry that you’ll have to pay for expensive learning software or buy a special device for your studies. Fortunately, neither one is the case.

On campus, the Main Lab has enough desktop computers for every student. There are also Chromebooks you can use on campus if necessary. For homework away from campus, you can log in with your own laptop, desktop, or tablet at home. All of your classes are available online, so you can do your work from any internet-capable device and move between machines without losing any progress.

I’ve still got questions.

Don’t worry. Your teachers at Northpoint Charter School are here to help you get your school year off to the right start and keep supporting you throughout the term. That way, you can stay focused on what’s most important: learning, making new friends, and exploring your passions.

When you enroll, you’ll be assigned to a sponsor teacher. They’ll meet with you and your parents before the term starts to show you the ropes, set some goals for the year, and get to know you. Then they’ll be available on campus and through email to answer questions, give support, and help guide you along the path of your educational journey.