SSLC Students holding Statewide Showcase Championship banner for the NM Governor's STEM Challenge

What Can You Do at Northpoint Outside of Class?

Flexibility to do what you love, on and off campus.

Northpoint Charter School offers blended learning through computer-based lessons and in-person classrooms. But just because our campus is a little different from other schools doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of chances to socialize, get active, chase a skill, and pursue a passion.

Whether you’ve got something you already love doing, or want to try something totally new, you’ve got options at Northpoint.

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Our team, The Northpoint Voyagers, is part of the Albuquerque Charter School League, which competes against other charter schools. Right now, there are boys and girls teams for basketball and volleyball, and a co-ed soccer program.

Available sports offerings change depending on interest, so be sure to ask what’s available when you’re ready to enroll. If there are enough kids to make a team, they can play and compete.

What if you play a different sport than what’s available? And what about other extracurricular activities, like ROTC, or marching band, or orchestra? Do you chase your passion or pick a school based on academics? Thanks to the New Mexico Activities Association, you don’t have to choose.

NMAA rules allow you to join any team or group of the public school in your district if that activity isn’t offered by your charter school. So you can go to school at Northpoint without giving up show choir or jazz band or swim team. If the activity counts as an elective, we’ll honor those credits. We’ll even help you build a flexible schedule to accommodate practice and games.

Try Something Totally New

Traditional sports aren’t your thing? There’s also an e-sports league, competing in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros with other gaming leagues around the state.

Do you like science? The Governor’s STEM Challenge is open to all students every year, and there’s a cash prize for the winning team. If politics are more your thing, Youth in Government and Model UN might be the place for you. Or, if you just want somewhere to have some fun with your classmates, why not take up tabletop gaming with the Geek Squad, a non-competitive club with snacks and board games?

Student council is open to anyone who’s interested in participating, and they’re always coming up with exciting new events like movie nights, talent shows and, yes, even dances. There’s a Homecoming and Winter Ball every year, and an off-campus Prom open to all students, not just juniors and seniors.

Be as Involved as You Want

Is there something you’re really interested in that isn’t being offered? If you can find a teacher to sponsor it and other students to join, you can start a club for just about anything. That power is in your hands.

Or not. If social activities and clubs aren’t your thing, that’s okay. Nobody will ever force you to have school spirit or do anything you don’t want to do. Whether you want to graduate early, focus on taking college classes through dual enrollment, or take your time to enjoy every club and activity you can join, Northpoint offers the flexibility you crave to make your school experience uniquely yours.

If that all sounds like a dream come true, ask your parents to call (505) 296-7677 to schedule a campus tour, or you can apply online.