How to Talk to Your Teenage Student About Goal Setting

Your student’s teenage years are some of the most exciting of their life. It’s a time for self-discovery and growing independence, meaning that your teen student will likely start dealing with more responsibilities for the first time. When your student starts attending Albuquerque high schools, you’ll have an ideal opportunity to make sure that your teen has a healthy basis for setting goals for the future. Ask yourself a few questions before sitting down with your teen about goal setting.

What are your teen’s values?

Your teen might come from the same family as you, but they might not share the same values that you do. Don’t assume that they have the same beliefs and goals in life that you did when you were their age: instead, you can start talking about setting goals by understanding your teen’s priorities and perspective in life.

What are your teen’s hopes and ambitions?

The best way to talk to your teen about setting goals is to understand their long-term ambitions first, so that way, you’ll have a clear groundwork at the start. Once you know their values, ask them what they want to achieve in the near or distant future. Their specific ambitions don’t matter: they could either talk about their dream careers or a school trip they want to experience. Either way, understanding their hopes will hope you encourage them to set realistic goals.

Are you there to support your teen?

As a parent, you can be available for your teen and support them in their goals. When you talk to your student, you should clarify that you can help them reach their ambitions. Since you likely have more experience than they do, you can help them tone down unrealistic hopes or identify actionable ways to achieve their dreams.

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